Hey! I'm Dani. I'm a Brand and Marketing Manager.

I'm also a comic geek culture enthusiast. Eclectic foodie. Story lover. Lover of playing hopscotch with borders. 

I help you develop your brand voice, identity, values and story and work with you to attract your ideal customer through content marketing and email marketing strategies. I act as your ears to the ground by connecting you to trends, people and insights. 

Creativity is one of my greatest passions. I love the imagination, the process and the people so it was a natural fit for me to do marketing for 10+ years in the creative industry and bring each brand vision to life. Now I take that experience and apply it to campaigns for you. I've worked with different types of companies in travel, fundraising event management and food and more.

I support my clients in these areas:
- Brand Strategy Development | Marketing Strategy | Email Marketing | Content Creation and Marketing

Check out my portfolio and see what my clients have to say about me. 

Get in touch for a chat. I'd love to connect with you.